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Our Services

Financial Advice

At Fermanagh Lakeland Properties we recommend the expertise of an independent financial advisor with many years of trusted experience in financial planning including Mortgages, Investments, Savings, and Retirement Schemes.

What we offer - Our Philosophy

We are pleased to provide two additional services which will complement our core activities.


Valuation - Standard report which is used for a variety of purposes including Mortgage Lending, Probate, Taxation, Property Transfers. This brief report comments on the market value of property and any patent defects. It does not constitute survey.

RICS Homebuyers Survey and Valuations - This report devised by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is a more detailed report than the valuation report and comments on all visible sections of the property as well as the market value of the property.

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation - In the event of a compulsory acquisition of a clientÂ’s land or property, we can act for both the acquiring authority and the individual client to ensure that an acceptable settlement is reached between the parties.

Our reporting service is in association with Linda Feely, MRICS, BSc Hons Estate Management, Diploma Industrial Studies. Linda is a dedicated and experienced Chartered Valuation Surveyor with 10 years experience of working within the mortgage operations sector of a large PLC Bank, providing frontline services to customers in the survey and valuation of properties.


This certificate and report shows the official energy rating and its environmental impact on a property.

The EPC is accompanied by a list of cost effective measures that can be undertaken to improve the energy efficiency of a house and the estimated cost savings for heating, lighting and hot water that can be made by following each of the recommended measures.

It is a statutory requirement for all residential buildings in N.Ireland that are constructed sold or rented out will have an Energy Performance Certificate.

At Fermanagh Lakeland Properties, we are using a selection of competent and fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessors.